Rods & Relics has been working on providing group insurance to club members.  If you're not already in a group plan for auto and home insurance or if you're not happy with your existing group plan, we would like to offer to you a group insurance plan available to car club members by Crosslands General Insurance Brokers.


group insurance for your home and autot


Please contact them for a quote to see if you would save any money.  Their phone numbers are 519-438-5416 and 1-800-461-2591 (toll-free).

The group plan requires a minimum number of club members and once we reach that level, we will obtain that group plan for our membership.

This group plan would be for your daily driver vehicles and not your collector car.  Your collector car would covered under a different policy.  If you have young drivers, having your collector car insurance and daily driver insurance provided by the same company may possibly allow your younger drivers to drive your collector car occasionally.