Sunday June 15, 2008

The 16th Annual Rods & Relics Car Show started out with a beautiful morning on the grass at the Fort Erie Race Track. The cars started rolling in around 7:30 am & didn’t stop for hours.

We had great food by Crystal Beach Candy Co. Jumbo Hot Dogs, Canadian bacon on a bun, Sausage on a bun, French fries by the Fort Erie Fry truck & lots of cold drinks. The Rods & Relics members were selling Tim Horton’s Coffee at a buck a cup, Ramco was selling Tee shirts with our Show Logo.

The club tent was set up for door prizes and there were 160 door prizes donated by businesses throughout the Niagara area. The DJ was a club member & he gave out 50 prizes to the ladies attending the show. We also had a coloring contest for children 12 & under which unfortunately we do not have their names but they were having a great time coloring pictures of Hot Rods & Customs.

The Organizations we help sponsor, Tender Wishes & the Head Injury Assoc. had tents set up to inform the people of there organizations.

Right Coast Reps Ken Holmes Jim Pearsall were in attendance to in form the people about the Right Coast. The Right Coast Pick of the show was a gentleman from Hamilton, we didn’t get his name.

Millers Recycling had their environmentally friendly flatbed truck there along with pamphlets to explain about the proper way to dispose of a vehicle.



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The awards started at 3 pm sharp & the 43 awards were as follows:


Award Winner
Mayors Choice 57 Chev - Rick Nunn
Young’s Automotive Choice 1933 Ford - Tom Baxter
Presidents Choice 1950 Buick - Coralie Jacobi
Ladies Choice 1940 Ford - Larry Lethby
Outstanding Truck GMC Sierra - Brandon DeFruis
Oldest Vehicle 1927 Dodge - Gary Gaverluk
Farr Ford Choice 1948 Chev pickup - Doug Banks
Maple Leaf Collision Choice 1967 Chev Impala - Rick McRae
Metro Collision Best Paint award 1966 Beaumont
Outstanding Ford 1964 Mustang - Chris Lennox
Outstanding GM 1956 Nomad Belair - Bob McClurg
Outstanding Mopar 1974 Duster - Brian Sawyer
Outstanding Convertible 1964 Stingray
Outstanding Tuner GrandAm - Phil Maunering
Outstanding Tuner Sunfire - George Friesman
Youngest Driver Owner 2008 Pontiac - Kevin Lennox
Outstanding Foreign 1956 Morris - Norm Alward
Young’s Automotive Top 24 vehicles

Drag Race Car - Rylee Barber

1959 Corvette - Dave Crysler

1966 Barracuda - Mark Devinney

1963 Corvette - George Kuczma

1953 Chev Woody - Randy Toppazzini

1981 Caddy - Jack Adams

1947 Merc - Larry Beamer

1934 Ford Panel Truck - Bob Cutler

1966 Buick - Bill Dibben

1931 Chev - Jake Redikop

K5 Blazer - Martin Vantrigt

1937 Ford - Russ Newton

Chevy 210 - Ross Sherlaw

Mercury Monarch - Frank Naisbitt

1930 Ford - Randell Holmes

1970 Pontiac - Ken & Kath

1983 Camaro - Brad Whipps

1964 Chev - Rob Holoday

Charger Ht - Joe Nickovich

1989 Mustang GT - Dan Tymoff

1979 Elcamino - Mike Lamb

1958 Chev P/U - Cory Jomphe