The Rods & Relics Car Club of Fort Erie originally started as a social club of about 24 members with a common interest; the restoration and preservation of mutual hobby, plan the occasional rod run and attend shows as a group instead of independently. Getting people to come out became more difficult each month.

When someone came up with the idea of becoming an organized club with membership dues and officers the idea was not welcomed with great enthusiasm. We were afraid that the extra burden of membership would make it even harder to get people out. After much discussion, we decided that by having dues and commitment as part of the criteria needed to belong to the “Rods & Relics” we would retain those people who were really devoted to the promotion of car restoration.

To our great surprise, the club grew instantly. All the people responded positively to our decision, paid their dues, attended the meetings and in four short months we had a paid membership of 49 members.