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  1.  June Wolfrath and Carol Jones say trains have been idling non-stop directly beside the back yards of their Port Robinson homes since CN Rail employees went on strike. The idling creates a 24/7 vibration that they can't escape.

    Idling trains rumble Port Robinson neighbourhood during CN Rail workers strike

  2.  Senior staff at the town of Lincoln are proposing $30 million in capital spending next year, though only $1.4 million will come from the levy.

    The total’s a big number, but Lincoln’s taxpayers won’t be bearing the brunt of the town’s capital spending projects in 2020.

  3. A Chrysler Pacifica heading westbound on Thorold Stone Road early Nov. 19 rear-ended a Ford Focus, trapping the driver inside the wreckage. The man operating the Chrysler faces impaired driving charges.

    Niagara Falls woman trapped in wreckage, sent to hospital with minor injuries.

  4.  Canadiana Productions’ holiday original An Out-of-this-World Christmas explores sees Santa and one of his elves  marooned on a strange planet in a high-energy, light-hearted festive musical comedy.

    Holiday production sees Santa marooned on a strange planet.

  5. Residents of River Trail in Black Creek will need to wait until spring before problems with the road surface are addressed, Kelly Walsh, the town's director of infrastructure says.

    It will be several more months before Black Creek residents living along and near River Trail see the roadway brought up to snuff.

  6.  The province is still assessing damage from the Halloween storm which battered the Lake Erie coastline in south Niagara. If damage reaches $500,000 the city will qualify for provincial funding assistance.

    The provincial government checked in on Port Colborne after the Halloween storm which battered the city, but whether or not Ontario will kick in any cash is still up in the air.

  7. Haldimand OPP are looking for 15-year-old Benjamin Knelsen, who was last seen in Smithville on Nov. 15.

    15-year-old Benjamin Knelsen last seen Nov. 15 in Smithville

  8.  Daisy Radigan leads a Kairos blanket exercise event for students in a file photo. The Niagara Falls Public Library will host a blanket exercise on Friday, Nov. 29.

    90-minute program covers more than 500 years of Indigenous history.

  9.  Niagara Regional Police

    Niagara police are investigating after being called to a gas station in Wainfleet where suspects had driven a stolen pickup truck through the front and made off with an automated teller machine.

  10.  The city put road closure barricades all over Port Colborne during the storm, like this one at HH Knoll Park, but the fire department observed many people driving around the barriers.

    During the Halloween storm which battered the city, too many people were out and about, ignoring road closures and basic safety protocols.