2009 was another extremely successful show and we managed to get a great turn-out of 259 cars and some very generous sponsorship. In spite of recession, we were able to donate $2500 to Tender Wishes. Thanks to all who made this show a great success!

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Award Winner
Mayors Choice Al & Lynn Blaik - 1958 Olds 88
Presidents Choice Bev & Eva Pearce - 1950 Mercury
Young’s Automotive Choice Patty & Harry Upfold - 1950 Ford Convertible
Brock Ford Choice Bob Lilley - 1935 Ford
Ladies Choice Angelo Ciofi - 1956 Thunder Bird
The Autodream Group Choice Stu Wright - 1937 Ford
Young’s Automotive
Top 20 vehicles
Russ Robinson - 70 Chevelle SS Wagon
Phil & Gwen Foster - 1930 Chrysler
Rick Dekker - 1965 Acadian Beaumont
Louis Szilagyi - 1979 Dodge "Lil Red Express"
Alain Chabot - 1972 Dodge Charger RS
Yvan Lamontagne - 1970 Plymouth Superbird
Tom Wilcox - 1967 El Camino
John Proulx - 1966 Plymouth Fury III
John & Anne Patane - 1969 Chevelle SS
Orn Grasley - 1964 Studebaker Convertible
Shirley & Mario Susick - 1956 Ford Fairlane
Bruce Baum - 1972 Plymouth Duster
Rick MacArthur - 1951 Mercury Pickup
Rob Kremble - 1969 Plymouth Barracuda
Ron Winger - 1973 Dodge Charger
Axel Segiet - 1971 Corvette
Carl Johnston - 1957 Chev Modified
Kerri Daubney - 1989 Ford Mustang
Don & Georgina McQuaig - 1964 Ford Galaxie 500
Lloyd Chichocki - 1968 Plymouth Convertible
Maple Leaf Collision Choice Joe Farkas - 1956 Chevrolet
Metro Collision Choice Tony Royston - 1936 Pontiac Coupe
Oldest Vehicle Wayne Eggleton - 1923 Ford "T" Bucket
Outstanding Tuner Zack Gagnon - 1991 Toyota Soarer TT
Outstanding Tuner Shawn Madere - 1998 Camaro
Outstanding Truck Doug Banks - 1948 Chev Pickup
Outstanding Ford Andy Duguay - 1978 Ford Van
Outstanding GM 1969 Olds 442
Outstanding Mopar Jim Madigan - 1940 Dodge Pickup
Outstanding Convertible Robert Snyder - 1966 Pontiac Parisienne
Outstanding Foreign Mark Rowbottom - 1974 MGB
Youngest Driver Owner Cameron Laroche - 1998 Dodge Neon
People's Choice

Coralie Jacobi - 1950 Buick Custom


The following clubs were represented at the 2009 Rods & Relics Car Show: